• How do I sign up? What email address should I use?

    Visit our website's main page, scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click GET STARTED! This is exciting, we are excited to have you as a user. You will now be prompted to enter some basic information about your company including company name, FEIN, and email address.

    The email address is important because if that email address is deactivated it will deactivate all of your users. Eeekkk! To avoid deactivation we recommend creating a generic company email, for example: safety@companyname.com. This way, if an employee leaves or changes their email address, your company’s account isn’t tied to a person’s email but rather a company email address.

    The company account can then start adding users. The company account is the only account that can create super admins.

  • Is there a free trial?

    Yes, after you sign up you will have a no risk 21 day free trial to make sure you like it. If you dont love it (you will), just cancel (you won't), and that's that - no money spent.

  • What if I want to leave in like 6 months or so? Do I have to sign a long term contract?

    You can cancel anytime, the subscription is just month to month. No long term contracts, no hidden fees, and you can take all of your data with you, no bull.

  • Are the forms cutomizable?

    Yes, very easily. You can use our out of the box forms or customize your own with our drag and drop form builder. You can create/edit/clone an unlimited number of forms and pick any form you want to use on the app. You can even pick which part of the form you want to assign to someone else.

  • What fields are included on all forms?

    We automatically include the following without the user having to do anything: Jobsite name, address, date of report creation, date of report completion, employee name that completed the form, and employee's employer (company) are automatically populated on every form, saving you time every time you fill out a report. This includes on all custom forms that have been created by your company. These fields are so common we automatically included them on all reports.

    When you create a new form in Forms Manager, there will also be certain fields that are required because of the type of form. For example, if you create a new incident report you’ll have to include Date Incident Occurred as it may be different than the day you are filling it out. You can add other inputs but you cannot delete that input or any other inputs that have an * next to it however you can change the order the required fields are filled out.

  • How do I change a form?

    To edit a form you must be an admin or super admin. Once you are logged in the web app, click on the forms icon in the toolbar on the left. Here you have the option to create a new form, clone an existing form as a starting place, or edit an existing form.

  • A subcontractor isn’t showing up when I try to assign them a task.

    That means they have not been added to the system. Fear not, it is super easy and anyone can do it. Log into the web and click on the sub icon in the toolbar on the left. *Reminder, you want to click sub not users because users are paid accounts.*

    Check to see if the subcontractor is already listed and you just need to add a user under the already established subcontractor. If you need to add the subcontractor just enter the subcontractor name and FEIN under Add Sub-Contractor Company. Once the sub-contractor has been added you can add individual emails under that subcontractor.

  • What is the difference between the different types of users?

    Good question, see our chart below.

    carl our mascot
  • It’s not letting me add another employee.

    Well partner, its one of two problems. 1) Your company has used up all their users and another user must be added. 2) You do not have permission to add a user. Everyone can add subcontractors because adding subcontractors is free but not everyone has access to add paid accounts.

  • I’ve got a great idea of how to make SitePatterns even better, who do I contact?

    We’d love to hear from you! We have implemented many ideas from customers, after all thats who we are trying to make happy. Send us an email at support@sitepatterns.com

  • Why can’t I see all the jobsites?

    This is a two parter. 1) You are a subcontractor that only has access to ToDo’s that get assigned to them. If your company becomes a SitePatterns client you’ll unlock all the SitePatterns features. 2) You haven’t been added to the site. Only someone who already has access to the jobsite can add you.

  • Does SitePattern have a mascot?

    Of course, no self respecting company goes into business without a mascot in mind. Meet Carl, the SitePatterns mascot. We guarantee he can brighten your day. I mean, just look at that good boy.

    carl our mascot